Students share reactions about possible civics test

DOTHAN, Al (WTVY) – An Alabama Senate Committee recently passed a bill that requires high schoolers to pass a civics test before graduating.

The principles of American democracy, system of government and rights and responsibilities are taught in our history books, so should it be a ‘big deal’? One Dothan High School student doesn’t seem to think so.

“I do think it would be fair in the long run, because a lot of the lessons you learn in government and economics classes are very beneficial going into adulthood,” said Evan Thompson.

State Senator Arthur Orr introduced the bill in February. He believes citizens right now do not know enough and 1/3 of Americans cannot name the three branches of government.

“We need an educated public that understands the functions of government,” said Orr. “It’s going to affect them the rest of their lives whether they know it or not.”

After letting the idea soak in for a couple weeks, one Dothan High School educator believes her students are prepared for a civics test.

“We do start early with them, so they probably already know a lot more than they think they do,” said history teacher Jessica Moulton.

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