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Leaders across the country are volunteering their time and efforts to help pass the Civics Education Initiative in their state. From former Governors and Senators, to prominent business leaders, famous actors and award winning journalists are all coming together to help pass the CEI legislation.

As good of a start as this is, we cannot be successful without citizens like you.

Here are four ways you can get involved and make a difference:

  1. Join the CEI Team in your state. Contact us today on how you too can become a leader in this effort.
  2. Call your State  Legislator. Let them know that you support the Civics Education initiative  – and they should too!
  3. Contribute financially. Even grassroots efforts like CEI need financial help to ensure our message is heard and we win these upcoming legislative battles.
  4. Tell your friends, by forwarding a link to this webpage, by liking CEI on Facebook and and by sending out a message on Twitter.