Arizona’s Former U.S. Senators, Civics Education Initiative, Praise Governor Ducey’s Call for Civics Education Requirement


Arizona’s Former U.S. Senators, Civics Education Initiative, Praise Governor Ducey’s Call for Civics Education Requirement
Bill Requiring Civics Test for High School Graduation Readied for Bipartisan Legislative Action

Phoenix, Arizona – Governor Doug Ducey made his campaign promise to require that Arizona high school students pass a civics test as a graduation requirement a major priority of his first State of the State Address today. In his speech to a joint meeting of the state legislature, Governor Ducey called upon the legislators to make civics education legislation the first bill to reach his desk.

The Civics Education Initiative (CEI), a project of the Civics Proficiency Institute affiliated with the Scottsdale-based Joe Foss Institute, would require high school students to take and pass the 100 question US Citizenship Civics test – the same test all new US citizens must pass.

Said Arizona’s former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini, “I’m pleased to see bipartisan legislative support building for the Civics Education Initiative and thank Governor Ducey for making it a high priority. Quick and overwhelming passage will ensure civics as a priority for Arizona’s students, and will demonstrate that our legislature can work in a bipartisan manner on an important matter.”

Senator DeConcini, a Democrat, co-chairs the Arizona Civics Education Initiative effort along with former US Senator Jon Kyl, a Republican, and Arizona business and community leaders Norman McClelland, Jim Chamberlain, Sandy Froman, John Christian, Lucian Spataro and Karrin Taylor.

With legislative action likely this week, Arizona is poised to be the first of some 15 states likely to take action on the Civics Education Initiative in 2015. A recent poll in Utah showed 80% of voters favor the initiative, with national surveys showing similarly high voter approval.

The goal of the Joe Foss Institute, through its Civics Proficiency Institute affiliate, is to pass the legislation in all 50 states by September 17, 2017 – the 230th anniversary of the United States Constitution.

Concluded Arizona’s former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, “The Civics Education Initiative is a quantifiable first step to ensure all students are taught basic civics about how our government works, and who we are as a nation. We hope other states will follow Arizona’s example to ensure that every future high school graduate is ready for active, engaged citizenship.”

To learn more about the Civics Education Initiative movement and to take the US Citizenship Civics test, please visit

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